About CheckFreePay®

CheckFreePay from Fiserv is the largest processor of walk-in bill payments in the United States, processing 57 million transactions in 2023. For more than 30 years, we have provided reliable bill payment services to consumers who prefer to pay their bills in person. 

A wholly owned subsidiary of Fiserv, Inc., CheckFreePay offers:

  • Over 30,000 bill-pay locations where people are already shopping
  • Safe and secure payment services to consumers who prefer to pay in person
  • Services from the leading provider of walk-in bill payments in the U.S. for more than 30 years

Multiple Payment Solutions

With CheckFreePay cash payment opportunities are endless. By walking into one of our payment locations customers will be able to:


Pay Bills

Accept and process your customers' monthly bills, including utility, phone, cable, insurance, credit card, auto and more



Pay Rent

CheckFreePay customers can pay their rent – above the $1,000 threshold of money orders



Top-Up Digital Wallet

Customers can add cash to digital wallets, so they can complete
digital transactions



Add Funds to Toll Pass

Commuters can use cash to top-up their toll accounts or to pay toll bills



Pay In-Lane

Shoppers can take advantage of the ease and convenience of paying directly in the checkout lane



Pay at a Kiosk

Customers can process a payment with a self-service kiosk


What's New

CheckFreePay Expands Services to Reach Pulaski County

In an area where in-person payment options have become increasingly limited, CheckFreePay now accepts property tax payments at more than 30 payment locations in Pulaski County alone. Pulaski County, Arkansas is the first in the state to provide payment options for taxpayers who want to pay their property taxes in person with cash. This new payment option is made possible through a strategic relationship between NIC Inc., a national leader in digital government solutions and CheckFreePay. 

At CheckFreePay, our sole focus is in-person bill payment. That's why we continue to be the nation's leading provider and largest processor of walk-in bill payments. 

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